Programmatic Media Buying Platform for Agencies

Powered by Machine Learning (ML)

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Single Platform to Manage All Your Client Accounts
for End-to-End Digital Marketing

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Reach Matters

Single platform giving you the widest reach for cross-channel precision targeting, tracking, optimization and reporting across social, search, display/native, video, OTT/CTV and email.

Single Platform for Efficiency

No more managing multiple platforms to meet your client’s entire digital marketing needs. 

Learn one platform, run across many!

Cross Channel Execution and Targeting
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AI Intelligent Bidding

Knorex KAIROS™ AI engine helps you monitor and optimize your ad campaigns for efficient bidding and budget allocation across multiple channels to reduce wastage (overlaps, competing bids and blindspots) and drive better performance for your clients.

Partnership Accounts Dashboard

Powerful partnership dashboard and a suite of tools to let you easily manage all your client accounts in one place.

Share and schedule automated reporting to keep them updated.

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Workflow Automation Tools

Deploy and manage your campaigns at scale with powerful workflow and automation tools such as bulk cloning, bulk editing etc., quotation, invoicing and more.

Global Ad Exchanges & Data Integrations

A full-stack platform with numerous integrations to global ad exchanges and data providers to drive your business growth at scale.

Ad Exchanges and Data Management Platforms (DMPs)
Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Leverage on Knorex Lumina™ Contextual Engine for cookie-less contextual targeting for quality placement with relevant semantics.

Get ready for CCPA!

Brand Safety & Industry Certifications

We spend tremendous effort to proactively work with internationally recognized and industry-standard bodies to ensure compliance with industry best practices and standard on anti ad-fraud, brand safety, viewability to provide a safe and quality environment for our customers and partners.

Industry Certification and Audit

Stop marketing in channels &
start marketing to customers