How About Going Dynamic for Your Advertising Campaigns?

Banners have been the standard display format ever since display ads popped up on the Web. It comes with a single image and a clickthrough, that’s about the kind of interaction that one can have with it. Banners have been the staple of display advertising for the longest time. Yet, we have seen tremendous progress in bandwidth, browsers technology, computing power, why does display ads have to stay just that? Can’t we have more interactions? Can’t we have ads which are beautiful, dynamic and perhaps functional too?


Of course there is Rich Media, which is generally Flash-based and primarily uses video as its main feature. With Flash giving way to HTML5, Dynamic Ads seems poised to take over. Unlike Rich Media, Dynamic Ads provides far more versatility especially when it comes to data and content. Dynamic Display Ads are able to show content in real-time, enabling content to be pushed/updated, possess highly interactive features and customizable or dynamic layout to enhance user engagement. These are some key features of Dynamic Ads:


1. Endless Possibilities, It Comes Down to Your Creativity

In Dynamic Ads, one can create highly interactive ads to engage with the users through its interactive features; like Tabs, Videos, Gallery, Sliders, Forms, Social Media and many more.. Dynamic Ads allows customization for template sizes, background colour and position of the features to enable a huge range of possibilities to be packed into an ad unit.


2. Push for Dynamic

With the increase of contents being published online as a trend, Dynamic Ads enable marketers to easily pull contents from websites, or from different sources including social media feeds and push them into the ads to make it dynamic. The minute there is new content, it can be easily updated into the Dynamic ads to create a ‘live’ ad.


3. Dynamic Tracking

With contents and data getting crawled or pushed, being able to track the dynamic items is critical. By tracking these items of interactions, now one can easily get ‘feedback’ and response from the users by checking out the analytics thus enabling for real-time discovery and providing greater opportunities for optimizing a campaign.

Now with Knorex XPO™ – a unified platform that you can use to easily create highly interactive Dynamic Ads in just minutes and publish it worldwide to reach out to your targeted audience all within one place. Check out some Dynamic Ads created for AirBnB, Samsung, BMW and more in this sample gallery.