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Knorex Featured As 30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2023

SUNNYVALE, California, May 10, 2023 Knorex, a leading technology company specializing in providing innovative advertising technologies and solutions for enterprises looking to scale and automate their digital advertising, is pleased to announce that it has been featured as one of the “30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2023” by Global Business Leaders (GBL) magazine.

Knorex provides its flagship product Knorex XPO ( to simplify and automate workflow while enhancing operation efficiency for advertisers and ad agencies. XPO is an integrated ad resource management and execution (ARMX) platform powered by AI/machine learning, that enables marketers to connect in real-time to major advertising channels including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, connected TVs/OTTs, video, display/native, audio and email. Marketers can self-operate XPO to create ads and traffic them, buy and manage ad placements, buy and use data from marketplace in XPO and consolidate data from different sources, all in one single cloud platform for outbound marketing effort.

GBL is a Business and Technology publication that focuses on featuring trailblazing businesses and leaders in their respective industries, serving to inspire business entrepreneurs to begin their own journey.

“We are thrilled to be featured as one of the fastest growing companies to watch in 2023 by GBL. XPO solutions has been in use by our clients to power and scale their advertising execution and operation, and it has helped them tremendously in cost reduction, while upping their productivity to deliver results to them,” expressed Dr. Justin Choo, Founder and CEO of Knorex. “We continue to invest heavily in R&D, while getting our amazing client servicing team to work closely with our clients on their feedback to resolve their pain points. We are on a mission to introduce XPO benefits to enterprises to tackle the rising challenges in digital advertising.”

As digital advertising continues its steady growth, fragmentation of media is causing formidable challenges and complexities to advertisers and ad agencies. XPO unifies execution across the different advertising channels to break the silo, and consolidate the data and reporting, to enable marketers having rapid access to intelligence that can help them to drive optimal decisions.


About Knorex

Knorex provides a seamlessly integrated advertising resource management and execution (ARMX) platform – Knorex XPO, to simplify and automate workflow while enhancing operational efficiency for marketers to advertise across social, search, OTT/CTV, video, display, native, to deliver highly personalized marketing messages to the target audience in an automated way, powered by machine learning. Underpinned by a multi-layered data-driven approach, XPO enables end-to-end digital advertising execution and optimization of marketing campaigns, while delivering measurable performance. Learn more at