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October 3, 2018
By now it's a cliché to hear yet another "digital transformation" for things around our lives, and here we are having the once almighty TV undergoing one. These days, one can easily purchase a decent 50" flat-screen TV for $500 and it comes ready to connect to the Internet. Such TV, known as "Connected TV" or CTV, enables one to access to many online contents including some of the most popular online channels. Incidentally while TV is undergoing its moment of digital transformation, we witness the proliferation of the Over-the-top (OTT) devices, a small little standalone box or perhaps a USB-stick that one can plug into TV or operate as a standalone, thus allowing one to instantly connect your mobile devices or even the 'dumb' TV to access to the wire array of online channels. All roads lead to Rome, in this case, to the Internet.

OTT / CTV is naturally one of the last great frontier for online advertising if not the last greatest one from the traditional media clan. With CTV/OTT, the same advertising opportunity that are typically enabled by programmatic/RTB means now comes directly available, opening up huge opportunity not only for CTV/OTT but furthering the personalization and engagement boundary.

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In case you aren't familiar with the benefits of RTB/programmatic-based advertising, here are some:

  • Instant reach into a wide range of audience with your campaigns worldwide, where geographical coverage is typically limited by the supply connected via the media buying terminal called Demand-side Platform (DSP)
  • Flexibility in wide-scale targeting or precision targeting across channels and devices
  • Dynamic and sophisticated control of ads exposure to audience
  • Opportunity to execute highly relevant ad campaigns limited by one's creativity


What these mean is, if you are an advertiser or agencies, you can execute some of the coolest campaigns ever that it wouldn't have been possible just a few years back, and all at the speed of light, literally. The combinations are just immense. Depending on your strategy and your goal, you have now another powerful tool at your perusal. More importantly, you don't need to do a spray-and-pray campaign now and spend unnecessarily on users who are not even your target in the first place. You will get to focus more about what your customers want and how you want to provide the best customer experiences to them. Depending on the stage of engagement with your brand or your customer's brand, you will be able to tailor to their different needs. You can coordinate different messages across the different types of devices to reach different audiences at different stages of their purchasing or engagement journey, whether they are browsing through social media, listening to music or playing a game.


The power of CTV/OTT now comes embedded in Knorex XPO, that now in one platform gets you access to the global audience across display, social, native, video, web/mobile/app, search (soon!) and now CTV/OTT to provide timely and relevant marketing.


Interested to explore adding CTV/OTT to your campaign ? Speak with our specialists today! https://xpo.knorex.com/contact

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