Universal Advertising

Automate Personalized Marketing to Your Target Customers Across Channels, Devices & Ad Formats

Market across Google Search, Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn, Video, OTT/CTV, Web & Mobile Apps

Connect with the World’s Leading Platforms to Drive Target Audience to Your Website and Mobile App

One Platform for Total Digital Marketing Execution

Built for Agency & Marketer to Self-Serve Entirely

Unified Reporting

Delivering Personalized Marketing Messages

Data-Driven Personalization of Ads in Real-Time

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X-Channel Marketing Cloud Platform

Build ads, test strategies, launch, optimize your cross-channel campaigns and more —
ALL-IN-ONE automation platform

All-in-One Solution

Manage all your accounts and campaigns across different marketing channels in one place

Automation & Optimization

Automate and optimize across marketing channels powered by machine learning

Dynamic Creative & Personalization

Personalize your marketing messages to each individual

Global Support

24/7 support across US and APAC to give round-the-clock coverage for your business

White Label

Customize XPO with your brand while enjoying all the goodness and power of XPO

Innovation Roadmap

Access to ever improving and cutting-edge innovations to keep you ahead of the curve

What You Get With XPO

An AI-optimized marketing cloud platform that powers and automates efficient programmatic advertising across multiple channels, funnels and platforms

Machine Learning Powered Automation & Optimization
Cross-Channel &
In-Channel Optimization
Cross-Device Targeting
Programmatic Creatives
Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
Multi-Account Management & Unified Access
Unified Reporting Across Channels & Devices
CRM Data Integration & Targeting
Contextual Targeting
Viewability & Brand Safety
Attribution Modeling

Integrations & Add-Ons

Extend reach, functionalities and capabilities of XPO by
integrating with leading providers to create your optimal marketing system.


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