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Develop Your Skills & Potential in digital Marketing

Gain the Essential Skills and Knowledge to Advance Your Career and Start Delivering Results

Introducing Knorex Academy

Knorex Academy comes with a series of courses designed to fast track your development and keeping your abreast with the latest professional skills needed to succeed in today’s ever evolving digital marketing

What you get with Knorex Academy

From Foundation to Professional, Knorex Academy guides you through every step of the way

Drive Career to Advance Level

Knorex Academy offered courses from Foundation to Professional to help you get ahead.

Learn & Gain Expertise at Your Own Pace

On your computer, tablet or phone, online courses make learning flexible to fit your busy life.

Earn a Valuable Credential

Showcase your key skills and valuable knowledge.

Stand Out in Your Field

Use the knowledge and skills you have gained to drive impact at work and grow your career.

Certification Courses

Practitioner Level

Course Subject

  • Understanding on Ad TechDisplay, Social Media, Search
  • Introduction to Knorex XPO
  • Understanding on Campaign Management, Reports & Strategy

Associate Level

Course Subject

  • Introduction to Retargeting Ads, Pixel & Audience Management
  • Understanding on Campaign Conversion, Optimization & Knorex KAIROS

Professional Level

Course Subject

  • Introduction to Google Analytic, GTM & App Install Campaign
  • Campaign Setup, Reports, Advanced Automation, Strategy & Optimization

Expert Level

Course Subject

  • Understanding on Advanced Concepts 1 & Knorex Pixel Implementation
  • Understanding on Advanced Concept 2, Debugging & Forecasting