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LinkedIn Marketing with XPO

Integration with the World's Largest Professional Network for B2B Marketing

Marketing Across LinkedIn and

Knorex has integrated its Knorex XPO AI-powered Universal Advertising marketing platform with LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network to automate the creation, launch, and analysis of LinkedIn ads in just minutes.

Mutual customers can leverage Knorex XPO’s targeting capabilities and data to target LinkedIn ads.

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You Get To Benefit In All Ways

Knorex customers are able to promote LinkedIn advertising content directly within XPO. What’s more, is your added capability to

  • Save time;

  • Target and reach old and new professional audiences;

  • Gain quality leads by attracting the most valuable ones; and

  • Ensure return on ad spend is maximized.

Target Your Audience

Knorex offers its customers precise audience and LinkedIn member targeting based on location, interests, and/or even details related to their individual professions.

You can set up a LinkedIn campaign based on individual objectives and budgets for each sponsored post.

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Budget Optimization for Cross Channel Campaigns

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XPO along with LinkedIn aims to offer significant opportunities for businesses to garner even more value from their organic content with audiences they haven’t yet reached