multi-tenant account management
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Multi-Account Management

Dynamic Dashboard for Account Management

Easy Management of Multiple Accounts and Campaigns in One Place

Consolidate all your accounts in one place and gives you a complete view

dynamic dashboard account management
Multi-Account and Multi-Users Management 1
Multi-Account and Multi-Users Management 2

Single View Across Multiple Accounts

 Manage your accounts easily and stay on top of your campaigns and ad groups to make timely and strategic decisions on your strategies.

Power to Zoom

View and analyze one or more accounts in one go to get instant answers.

You can now focus your attention on specific accounts to either better their performances or analyze individual strategies to replicate successful ones for future.

dashboard view on performance
Multi-Account and Multi-Users Management 3
Monitor your campaign spending
Customise your view

Real-Time Tracking

Seamlessly manage and track all accounts performance to let you attend to underperforming campaigns or accounts more quickly.

Unified View and Detailed Reporting Metrics

Get an overview of your reporting metrics along with over/underspending campaigns and solve errors instantly.

dashboard view on performance
reporting metrics
My Custom View
reporting metrics

Custom View on Accounts

Customize, filter and group related accounts into a custom list. Free up your time to let you rapidly zoom in on these accounts.

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Managing a number of advertising accounts without efficient breakdown of data, brings complexities with it.