Last Update: 2 Jan 2019.

We at Knorex are committed to our users' and customers' privacy. We voluntary participated in all the leading and eminent international bodies and standards, and shall adhere to the policies and best practices. Refer to our Privacy Policy.

We prepared this step-by-step guide to facilitate our users, our customers' or our partners' users to opt-out from tracking by us should they choose to. Feel free to check out other guides provided by the international privacy initiatives.

  1. Launch AdChoices Opt-out Tool (NOTE: this tool is developed by an independent party and not by Knorex; in any case, it should achieve the same outcome as using our opt-out tool). Alternatively, if you prefer to see the detailed steps to launch this tool, go to this site and scroll to the bottom where you will see the Launch Opt-out Tool button. Click it to launch the Opt-out tool.


  2. Once the tool is launched with your browser, you will see the list of companies detected and that participates in the AdChoice program, including Knorex. Select the companies that you wish to opt out from, and click on the button: SUBMIT YOUR CHOICES  or  OPT OUT ALL 


  3. The tool will start its preparatory steps.


  4. The tool starts requesting to your selected companies to request for opt-out automatically.


  5. The results is presented after the automated requests.


  6. Click on View Updated Results, and you should see that you have opted-out from Knorex.


After Opting Out ...

When you are opting-out, as you can from the screenshots above, you may sometimes receive messages indicating that the status for one or more particular companies is not available, or that one or more opt out requests did not complete. First, retry again.

If you still encounter errors, check if you have errors with multiple companies. It may be software or settings on your computer are interfering with the opt-out tool, or that your system does not meet the technical requirements for using the consumer opt-out page. It could also be network issue at the company's end. You may want to read further at for further details and understanding other errors.

Do note that, however, if your browser already disabled cookies, or if you use ad-blocking tools, our opt-out mechanism may not work properly.

What Opt Out Means ?

When a user opts out of tracking from Knorex (or generally other third-party companies), you are essentially requesting to limit the information that is being collected and stored about your computers or devices, and thus not to target you with ads that are based on your interests to be shown on your browsers or devices. Also, unless as you completed opt-out from all the companies using the steps shown above, opting out from Knorex does not opt you out from services provided by third-parties. Finally, if you are using multiple computers or devices, you must opt out from each computer and device individually.

When you opt out, Knorex will collect and store information from your device only as needed to honor your opt-out.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or practices, please email us at or send us a letter addressed to:

Attention to: Knorex Privacy Team

  • 1159 Sonora Court, Suite 122 Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
  • 8 Cross Street, #18-118 Singapore 048424