XPO :: Full Stack Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Full-stack capability DSP programmatic media buying platform for cross-channel targeting


Cross-channel Targeting

Reach out to your audience across the different channels and focus on engaging them with the right message.

XPO supports advertising into OTT/CTV, Video, Social, Display, Native, Search, and Email.


Cross Device & Platform

Regardless of your audience whether they are on mobile or laptop, using an app or web, or is using Android or iOS or Windows or Mac, you can track and measure them via XPO as a single user.


AI-Powered Performance Optimization 24/7

XPO powerful machine learning capability enables you to monitor and optimize your campaign round-the-clock to achieve your goals.


Consolidated Reporting

One single view with quick and easy to understand reporting into all your campaigns performance across the different channels so that you can make faster and better decision.