Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions for Travel & Hospitality

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution

Proven Digital Marketing Solutions to Drive Results

Drive Brand Awareness

Engage Frequent Travelers

Expand Loyalty Programs

Promote New Offers & Locations

Drive Direct Sales Bookings

Convert Site Visitors

All-In-One Platform to Manage End-to-End Digital Marketing Execution

Drive awareness, consideration, purchase, service, conquest and repurchase all using a single platform

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Enhance Brand Awareness Cross-Channel

Single platform to give you the widest reach for cross-device precision targeting, tracking, optimization and reporting across important channels including search, social, display/native, video, OTT/CTV and email.

Engage Frequent Travellers with our advanced Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Personalize your marketing message based on demographics, interests, location, time of day, seasonality, weather, language and many more types of triggers to generate data-driven, highly relevant ads in real-time across different channels.

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Expand Loyalty Programs by Leveraging the Power of CRM Data for Full Funnel Engagement

Integrate CRM data to drive personalized consideration, maintenance, and service offerings to people who involved in the loyalty program with a high level of engagement.

Launch New Offers and Products with Ease & Efficiency

No need to manage multiple platforms anymore in order to meet your clients’ digital marketing needs.

Learn one platform, run across many! Redeploy your talents to focus on delivering value to your clients and their business.

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Drive Direct Bookings with Cross-Channel Optimization

Maximize cross-channel synergy and optimize greater efficiency in ad spend with Knorex KAIROS™ AI engine.

Connect to Major Ad Exchanges and Data Vendors for Global Reach

Instant access to over 100 ad exchanges and data providers across the globe to reach any audience anytime worldwide.

FAQs for Travel & Hospitality

XPO is designed with business of all sizes in mind, and with huge emphasis placed on automation and scaling. Customers of different sizes are using XPO to meet their varying business needs.

Whether you handling one account with large number of campaigns or managing large number of accounts each with its sets of campaigns, XPO would be able to help you realize tangible productivity gain and efficiency.

Yes, XPO supports multi-tenant accounts to let you manage your client accounts separately. You will also be provided with a partnership dashboard and accompanying tools to let you manage all your accounts easily and efficiently.

Users today are using multiple devices to access tens if not hundreds of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google search, OTT/CTV, video, besides the good old email, to access news, information, entertainment, shopping and all sorts of activities.

Omni- or cross-channel marketing is about interacting with the consumers across different types of online media in a unified and seamless way. This includes unified tracking, reporting and targeting across all the channels. XPO lets you market across different marketing channels, devices and ad formats without having to deal with all the nitty gritty complexities.

Yes, XPO lets you access to the logged data at impression level so that you are have full transparency to the data to help you have understanding into your campaigns.

We are determined to build you the best tool to help you supercharge your marketing to let you achieve actionable insights. Thus, having access to whatever data that we can provide you with is our imperative.

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