Cross-Channel Marketing Cloud Platform

Built for Agency & Marketer to Self-Serve

Full Digital Marketing Execution

Build ads, test strategies, compare cross-channel reports, launch, optimize your multi-channel campaigns and many more

All-in-One Solution

Manage all your accounts and campaigns across different marketing channels in one place and get unified cross-channel reports.

Automation & Optimization

Automate and optimize across multiple marketing channels powered by Machine Learning (ML)

Dynamic Creative & Personalization

Personalize your marketing messages to each individual

Global Support

24/7 support across US and APAC to give round-the-clock coverage for your business

White Label

Customize XPO with your brand while enjoying all the goodness and power of XPO

Innovation Roadmap

Access to cutting-edge innovation to get you ahead of the curve

XPO Platform Modules

Execute end-to-end digital marketing across major online marketing channels without the hassle of managing multiple platforms.


Leverage our powerful DSP engine to buy into global media inventory and data networks. Powered by machine learning for large-scale automated execution.


Serve, track and measure your ads with powerful ad trafficking and measurement system to get critical insights into your customers and prospects.


Create beautiful, dynamic ads in minutes for cross-channel using templates instead from scratch. Personalize ads using DCO and use A/B testing for monitoring effectiveness


Consolidate campaign data from different channels and platforms to gain actionable insights on measurable metrics. Use attribution modeling to measure traffic sources. Measure footfall attribution for online-to-offline

Automation & Optimization
Powered by Machine Learning

Automatic optimization towards your campaign KPIs (CPC, CPA, CTC, Impressions, etc.)

Optimize bidding and budget allocation strategies across multiple channels

Fully automated optimization round the clock, 24/7 even while you're sleeping

Flexibility to take full control or go fully automated.
Your choice!

dynamic dashboard account management

Manage Multiple Accounts, Campaigns, and Users All At Once

Consolidate your accounts management in one place and manage with fewer clicks to gain efficiency and unified view.

One Universal Tag

Use one tracker/tag only to track all your data for online marketing, web analysis or email marketing.

Integrated with industry verification partners such as MOAT and other brand safety partners, tags are automatically generated to drive efficiency and automation.

insight reports

Rapid Testing of Your Ideas and Strategies

Using XPO ad group structure, you can easily test different ideas and strategies that you have and run them across multi-channel.

Zoom In/Out Accounts for Rapid Analysis

View and analyze one or more accounts to get instant answers, and let you focus on specific accounts for analysis and insights.

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clone across accounts

Bulk Operations To Manage Multiple Accounts

Ever experienced a situation where you need copy across the exact same campaign metrics, ad group targeting strategy or a creative design, from one account to another or one setup to another?

XPO comes with bulk cloning and other bulk features to speed things up.

Unified View for Actionable Insights

Get an overview of your reporting metrics (conversions, clicks, views, etc.) across devices and channels to give you detailed insights into your campaigns, creatives and strategies.

Monitor over-/under- spending activities and attend to any accounts or campaigns instantly.

reporting metrics
reporting metrics

Real-Time Tracking & Custom View

Track all accounts in real-time and optimize campaigns or accounts faster.

Organize your accounts, campaigns and ad groups using filter and custom list for quick turnaround.

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Manage all your campaigns and accounts in one place