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Industry Compliance and Certifications

Our Firm Commitment To Trust & Transparency

Building trust starts with transparency. And it requires steadfast commitment to continue to uphold.


Knorex is committed to safeguarding our clients’ privacy, while ensuring that clients can deliver the best advertising experience to visitors. We continue to strive to enhance our quality and standards whenever possible to bring you peace of mind and confidence when using our platform and services.


Every year, we continue to invest tremendous resources to put in place the checks and guard rails to achieve the rigorous industry standards in security and brand safety. We voluntarily engage trusted independent third-party auditors and industry standards bodies to pursue the highest verification and certifications by independent third-party auditors and standards bodies.


The below initiatives and industry certifications are the result of our unwavering commitment. We shall be relentless to give you the ultimate assurance.

Enforcing Policies and Procedures Implementation

  • Privacy policy established, reviewed and maintained
  • Privacy compliant procedures established
  • Data retention and deletion policy established
  • Restricted data access
  • Regular reviews
  • Production deployment access restricted
  • Incident response policies established
  • Backup processes established
  • Scheduled regular data backups
  • Restricted access to service infrastructure
  • Database is securely encrypted
  • Password and MFA enforced
  • Confidentiality agreement for employees and partners
  • Security and privacy training for employees

Data Privacy & Privacy Protection

Knorex is a member of these bodies, where we work closely with independent US and EU auditors and industry standards certification bodies, annually to establish responsible privacy practices across our services, and safeguarding our clients’ personal details.


Learn more at our Privacy Center.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

  • CCPA compliant, US California residents can contact us and make requests to: view data, prohibit sale of their data, delete their data, and port their data, among others.
  • Notifying residents in the unlikely case of data breaches
  • Residents can also ask about how their data is stored and used
  • Establish and protects privacy rights of individuals in the EU
  • Gives you control over how your personal data is processed, collected, stored, and used
  • Constantly review data processing activities to ensure full compliance
  • Learn more on GDPR.

Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF)

  • TCF is a cross-industry voluntary standard launched by the IAB Europe in February 2017. It aims to meet the needs of users, industry stakeholders (including media publishers, technology vendors, and advertisers/agencies), and regulators through collaborative efforts.
  • TCF provides a standardized experience for users and ensures compliance with data protection guidelines. This gives individuals greater control and transparency over their personal data, allowing them to exercise their privacy rights effectively.
  • Discover more about TCF.

Information Security

Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of its client, employee, shareholder and corporate data that it processes, transfers and stores both physically and electronically is a key priority of Knorex. We strive to implement initiatives and approach that is holistic and that comply with relevant regulations and globally respected professional norms and standards in Information Security.


To achieve high-quality, and sustainable Information Security Management System within Knorex, we establish a dedicated team to govern and enforce our whole organization to be ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Information Security Management System certified.

  • Obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certification
  • Continual improvement on our information security systems
  • Levels of protection and security are embedded in our processes to give customers peace of mind and confidence in our security
  • Learn more at our ISO page

Healthcare Information Protection

  • Compliant with HIPAA to ensure appropriate protection of electronic protected health-related information
  • Implementing physical, administrative, technical security measures
  • Performing regular HIPAA risk assessments
  • Ensure your health-related information is securely protected

Anti Ad Fraud & Brand Safety Protection

Knorex is committed to fighting online ad fraud, piracy, malware, and to promote transparency. We want you to be able to advertise with confidence and assurance with us.


Every year, Knorex works closely with various industry trusted, reputable third-party bodies in the North America and Europe to voluntarily submits ourselves to annual audit.


Further, Knorex R&D and engineering teams continue to innovate to introduce solutions for anti ad fraud and brand safety protection, while also subscribing to solutions from other vendors to enhance our offering.


Learn more at our Privacy Center.

  • Protection against fraudulent ad traffic when advertising with Knorex
  • Reduce ad campaign dollars lost to bot traffic
  • Prevent propagation of malware, virus programs, piracy etc. via ad serving
  • Through cutting-edge technologies and working with third-party vendors to put in place safeguard so that your brand is not associated with unwanted, dubious and harmful contents when advertising with Knorex
  • Reduce risk of misplacement of ads on digital media of all types
  • Awarded the 2024 TAG Certified Seal Against Ad Fraud and Brand Safety Threats

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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