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Marketing Platform

Reach Your Target Customers In Real-Time


Reach your audience seamlessly across different channels, platforms and ad formats with a uniform marketing message


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Deliver ads to your target audience anywhere, anytime across connected TV, OTT, desktop, laptop, mobile, tablets and more as if they are one

More Than Just A
Self-Serve Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Build ads, track and optimize your advertising campaigns — All in a single platform

Precision & Performance

  • Hyper-granular audience targeting in real-time
  • Personalized messaging via Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Deliver ads in brand-safe environment
  • AI/ML (machine learning) to constantly optimize across channels or you can take full control if you prefer
  • Create dynamic ads in minutes with ready-made ad templates

Automation & Scale

  • Single platform to manage campaigns across the full marketing funnels
  • Unified reporting from all channels & devices
  • Connectivity with global ad exchanges and third-party data providers
  • Workflow automation and bulk-editing tools for scaling your operation
  • Single ad tag to gather and optimize your campaigns

Artificial Intelligence Powering Automation & Scale

Auto-optimize towards your campaign KPIs (CPC, CPA, etc.)

Optimize bidding and allocation strategies across multiple channels

Auto-optimize round the clock, 24/7 even while you're sleeping

Flexibility to take full control or go fully automated

XPO Platform Capabilities

Picture to Represent Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Picture to Represent Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Picture to Represent CRM Data Integration

CRM Data Integration & Targeting

Picture to Represent Brand Safety and Targeting

Brand Safety & Viewability

Picture to Represent Hyperlocalization and Geofencing

Hyper-Localization Targeting / Geo-Fencing

Picture to Represent Attribution Modeling and Reporting

Attribution Modeling

Picture to Represent Cross-device Targeting and Reporting

Cross-Device Targeting

Picture to Represent Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting & Execution

Picture to Represent Viewability


Picture to Represent PMP Deals

PMP Deals / Premium Placements

Picture to Represent Segment Intent and Affinity

Segmented Intent & Affinity

Picture to Represent Programmatic Creative

Programmatic Creative