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Universal advertising

Market To Your Audience Regardless of
Channels, Devices & Ad Formats


Reach your audience seamlessly across different channels, platforms and ad formats with a uniform marketing message


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Deliver ads to your target audience anywhere, anytime across connected TV, OTT, desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile as if they are one

Knorex XPO
AI-Powered Marketing Cloud Platform

Everything A Digital Marketer Needs To Self Serve

Build ads, test strategies, optimize your cross-channel campaigns and more — all in one platform

Automation & Optimization

  • Single platform to set up, manage and monitor campaigns across the full marketing funnel
  • Powerful AI/machine learning algorithms to automate optimization across channels 24/7 or take full control on pacing, frequency cap and bidding strategies and many more ...
  • Launch and optimize campaigns across different channels easily
  • Workflow automation and bulk-editing tools to help you scale your business and operation

Audience & Targeting

  • Access to top global ad exchanges and data providers for widest reach and coverage
  • Powerful real-time targeting capabilities (by day/time, location/proximity, segments, gender and more) for meaningful engagement
  • Contextual targeting not relying on cookies
  • Connect with your CRM for relevant and timely engagement
  • Deliver ads in brand safe and viewable environment

Creative & Personalization

  • Personalized messaging via powerful Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology along a user journey
  • Ad builder to let you create dynamic ads in minutes with ready-made, beautiful ad templates
  • Generate large variants from a single master template to let you test on large-scale basis
  • Feeds creator and scraper to ingest your contents and assets automatically

Reports & Insights

  • Unified reporting across siloed channels and devices to derive actionable insights
  • Localize reports to your preferred currency and timezone
  • Detailed reporting to analyze campaign strategies efficacy
  • One universal ad tag or pixel to track and measure campaigns cross-channels and cross-devices
  • Securely share campaign results instantly across your organizations and partners

global teams across US and APAC to support your business for 24/7 operation,

white-labelling opportunity,

and many more features and support …

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powering Automation & Optimization

Auto-optimize towards your campaign KPIs (CPC, CPA, etc.)

Optimize bidding and allocation strategies across multiple channels

Auto-optimize round the clock, 24/7 even while you're sleeping

Flexibility to take full control or go fully automated

Key Capabilities & Technologies

Picture to Represent Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Picture to Represent Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Picture to Represent CRM Data Integration

CRM Data Integration & Targeting

Picture to Represent Brand Safety and Targeting

Brand Safety & Viewability

Picture to Represent Hyperlocalization and Geofencing

Location-based Targeting / Proximity Targeting

Picture to Represent Attribution Modeling and Reporting

Attribution Modeling

Picture to Represent Cross-device Targeting and Reporting

Cross-Device Targeting

Picture to Represent Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting & Execution

Picture to Represent Viewability


Picture to Represent PMP Deals

PMP Deals / Premium Placements

Picture to Represent Segment Intent and Affinity

Segmented Intent & Affinity

Picture to Represent Programmatic Creative

Programmatic Creative