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Universal advertising

Market to Your Audience Regardless of
Channels, Devices & Ad Formats


Reach your audience seamlessly across different channels, platforms and ad formats with a uniform marketing message


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Deliver ads to your target audience anywhere, anytime across connected TV, OTT, desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile as if they are one

Knorex XPO
Marketing Cloud Platform

Built for Professionals to Self-serve
From Marketer to Agency

Build ads, test strategies, optimize your cross-channel campaigns and more — all in one automation platform

Automation & Optimization

  • Single platform to launch and manage campaigns across the entire marketing funnel and easily optimize across different advertising channels
  • Powerful machine learning algorithms to automate optimization across channels 24/7 with full control on pacing, frequency cap and bidding strategies and many more ...
  • Workflow automation and bulk-editing tools to help you scale your operation efficiency and productivity
  • Agency/Partner Dashboard to manage all accounts and reporting with ease

Audience & Targeting

  • Access to top ad exchanges and data providers to attain the widest reach and coverage worldwide, anywhere
  • Powerful real-time targeting capabilities (by day/time, location/proximity, segments, gender and more) for relevant engagement
  • Contextual targeting not relying on cookies
  • Connect with your CRM and first-party data for high intent and timely engagement
  • Deliver ads in brand safe and viewable environment

Creative & Personalization

  • Personalized messaging via powerful Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology along a user journey
  • Ad builder to let you create dynamic ads in minutes with ready-made, beautiful ad templates
  • Build one ad and works across all the different channels and formats
  • Generate large variants from a single master template to let you test on large-scale basis
  • Feeds creator and scraper to ingest your contents and assets automatically

Reports & Insights

  • Unified reporting across siloed channels and devices to derive actionable insights
  • Localize reports to your preferred currency and timezone
  • Detailed reporting to analyze campaign strategies efficacy
  • One universal ad tag or pixel to track and measure campaigns cross-channels and cross-devices
  • Securely share campaign results instantly across your organizations and partners

Global teams across US and APAC to support your business for 24/7 operation,

white-labelling opportunity,

cutting-edge development roadmap to catapult you & your customers ahead of the curve …

Machine Learning
Automation & Optimization

Auto-optimize towards your campaign KPIs (CPC, CPA, etc.)

Optimize bidding and allocation strategies across multiple channels

Auto-optimize round the clock, 24/7 even while you're sleeping

Flexibility to take full control or
go fully automated. Your choice!

XPO Key Capabilities

Picture to Represent Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Picture to Represent Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Picture to Represent CRM Data Integration

CRM Data Integration & Targeting

Picture to Represent Brand Safety and Targeting

Brand Safety & Viewability

Picture to Represent Hyperlocalization and Geofencing

Location-based Targeting / Proximity Targeting

Picture to Represent Attribution Modeling and Reporting

Attribution Modeling

Picture to Represent Cross-device Targeting and Reporting

Cross-Device Targeting

Picture to Represent Unified Reporting

Unified Reporting & Execution

Picture to Represent Viewability


Picture to Represent PMP Deals

PMP Deals / Premium Placements

Picture to Represent Segment Intent and Affinity

Segmented Intent & Affinity

Picture to Represent Programmatic Creative

Programmatic Creative