Automated Cross-channel Marketing, Reporting & Optimization

Automation & Optimization for Better Engagement

Unify Your Audience Digital Footprints for Seamless Customer Experience

Cut across the barriers of media channels, ad formats and devices to reach your audience, “walled gardens” or not, in a seamless and unified way.

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Cross Channel Marketing and Optimization 4

Campaign Management with Ease across Cross-Channel

Plan, set up, execute and monitor all your campaigns across different channels in one glance through unified reporting.

Create custom views for each account with its settings (timezone, currencies and more) so that each fits to your view for fast insights.

Track your metrics across multiple channels- display,organic search, social, emails, etc.

Generate automated cross- channel optimisation reports for optimal bidding prices.

Generate predictive modeling reports using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cross-Channel Optimization

Optimize all your campaigns across channels or in-channel with our powerful KAIROS machine learning engine to maximize your budget allocation efficiently towards your KPIs and ROIs.

Analyse your marketing efforts by comparing the revenue generated by different channels.

Compare and optimise marketing campaigns in terms of conversion paths, clicks, time lags and path lengths.

AI budget allocation
insight reports

Unified Reporting

Slice and dice all of your digital marketing metrics, across channels, in one place and easily select and share reports with the click of a button!

Generate granular cross-channel reports that collate and analyse a unified pool of digital information.

Compare each channel with respect to conversions, sales, customer journeys, path length and time lags.

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