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Here's Why Agencies and Marketers Trust XPO to Automate and Scale Their Digital Marketing

One Platform to Market Seamlessly Across the Entire User Journey

Build ads, test strategies, launch and optimize across Social, Search, Connected TV, OTT, Video, Email, Display, Native … in one place

XPO Cross-Channel Creatives

Transparency and Flexibility

Gain transparency into your spending, data, inventory and so on to have better control of your cost and allow you to optimize further across multiple channels.

XPO comes with powerful capabilities and features to let you easily change your creatives, your strategies to adapt to the dynamic environment.

Smart Marketing Budget Allocation Across Multi-Channel in Real-Time

Knorex KAIROS™ helps you automate media buying (e.g. channels to bid, time and price to bid) and ad placements (i.e. where to place the ads) to enable high frequency, high speed cross-channel optimization round-the-clock.

KAIROS learns from your data to predict and dynamically adjust your marketing budget in real-time to drive higher efficiency. 

Budget Optimization for Cross Channel Campaigns
Why XPO? Marketing Cloud Platform for Digital Marketing Automation 3

Universal Reporting

Consolidate all your reporting and siloed data across different platforms, channels and campaigns. Save time, reduce errors, and eliminate wasteful and tedious data integration.

Gain actionable insights by analyzing all your campaigns across multi-channel. XPO also provides you with comprehensive, and in-depth data access to let you visualize all of your data in one place.

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership as You Scale

XPO as a marketing cloud platform easily scales elastically with your business needs.

Unlike existing solution which require you to learn to operate multiple platforms, with XPO, you learn once and operate all channels in a similar way.

XPO greatly reduces your operation, training and learning costs and time. What’s more, XPO comes with many automation and bulk operation tools.

insight reports

First-Party Data Integration for Privacy-Friendly Outreach

Integrate clicks, engagements and other first-party data  including from your CRM, websites, apps from different advertising channels to form a holistic picture for improved targeting, while being privacy-friendly in your engagement with prospects.

Powerful Targeting Capabilities with Granularity

Explore XPO range of powerful targeting capabilitiesUse proximity targeting to target property or geo levels to optimize ad campaigns. Marry demographics, interests and behavioral data to expand or narrow your targeting and more, all within XPO.

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Contextual Targeting in Cookie-less World

Knorex Lumina™ contextual capabilities detects 19 most often-used written languages in the world and lets you automatically target and adjust your ads without relying on cookies for quality and contextually relevant ad placements. 

Professional Service and Expertise Ready to Support

Our customer success team will guide you and fully onboard you onto XPO platform.

Any further advice, consultation, research and assistance you need help for your marketing, our experienced specialist will work with you through our professional services.

Global Industry Compliance
and Certifications

We continue to commit time and effort to work with leading industry bodies to achieve the critical standards and best practices while submitting to rigorous independent third-party audits to deliver assurance to our customers and partners.

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