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Digital Marketing Execution

Why marketers select Knorex XPO to automate and scale their digital marketing execution


Full Digital Marketing

Build ads, test strategies, compare cross-channel reports, launch, optimize multi-channel campaigns and many more

  • Single Platform for Efficiency

    Manage and monitor all your accounts across multi-channel in one view.

  • Automation & Optimization

    Customize XPO with your company branding and instantly enjoy all the goodness and power of XPO.

  • White Label

    White-labelling capability and opportunity to tailor it to your branding while retaining all the underlying powerful features.

  • Flexible APIs

    Access to enterprise-grade APIs to integrate XPO and its modules, to your existing systems and workflow.

  • Programmable Ad Creatives

    Personalize marketing messages to tailor to each individual based on your criteria.

  • Enterprise Support

    Providing you round-the-clock assurance for your business.


Automate With Machine Learning

Automation, budget allocation, optimal bid recommendation, ads personalization, predictive analytics are just among the few of smart capabilities you get with KAIROS, our AI/Machine Learning engine that helps to augment your efficiency. 

Cross-Channel Budget Allocation

Campaign Optimization

Adaptive Campaign KPI

Optimal Bid Recommendation




Unique Value Propositions

  • Advertise across the Open Internet + Walled Gardens

  • Advertise across all integrated channels in one platform

  • Consolidate data from all integrated channels for unified reporting

  • Automatic optimization powered by AI/Machine Learning

  • Cross-channel optimization

  • Build, launch, track, attribute, monitor, and optimize ads – all in one place

Find out what XPO can do for you


One Platform for Universal Marketing

Cross-Channel Marketing across Funnel

Promote your products and services using different channels to engage your audience across the entire marketing funnel or their user journey for full coverage of digital footprints.

Dynamic Allocation of Marketing Budget

Allocate and shift your budget flexibly and dynamically across different channels and strategies. Or, tap on Knorex KAIROS, XPO machine learning to learn and adjust your budget allocation in real-time as it progresses.

Manage and Monitor Multiple Accounts at Scale

Consolidate your accounts management in one place and manage with far fewer clicks to gain efficiency and unified view.

One Universal Pixel for Unified Insights

Use one tracker/tag only to track all your data for online marketing, web analysis or email marketing.

Integrated with industry leading verification partners and brand safety partners, tags are automatically generated to drive efficiency and automation.

Rapid Testing of Ideas and Strategies

XPO lets you easily test different ideas and strategies that you have and run them across multiple channels.

What’s more, there is our proprietary machine-learning technology to assist you too!

Bulk Actions for Speed and Scale

Ever experienced a situation where you need copy across the exact same campaign metrics, ad group targeting strategy or a creative design, from one account to another or one setup to another?

XPO comes with bulk cloning and other bulk actions features to speed things up for large-scale operations.

Unified Reporting for Actionable Insights

Get an overview of your reporting metrics (conversions, clicks, views, etc.) across devices and channels to give you detailed insights into your campaigns, creatives and strategies.

Monitor over-/under- spending activities and attend to any accounts or campaigns instantly.

Real-Time Analytics

Track all accounts in real-time and optimize campaigns or accounts faster.

Organize your accounts, campaigns and ad groups using filter and custom list for quick turnaround.

Manage one platform and start delivering efficiency and results.