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Auto Optimization

Smart Bid Recommendation

Adaptive KPI Optimization

Context Understanding


The Brain Behind XPO

From automation, recommendation for optimal price to bid, to personalization of ads, to predictive analytics, KAIROS is your able assistant to extend and augment your capability and productivity. 

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Real-time Auto-Optimization Across Channels

Hands-free budget optimization based on daily metrics of your performing strategies, and performance goal that you direct across channels including display, social, and search. You set the direction, KAIROS takes your cue and automate for you.

Smart Bid Recommendation

KAIROS recommends the best bidding strategies to you, helping you to achieve more clicks, more conversions at the optimal price while driving towards your marketing goals.

Budget Optimization for Cross Channel Campaigns

Adaptive KPI Optimization

Automatically optimize budget allocation based on your campaign’s key performance indicators.

KAIROS’s smart bidding work in concert towards optimizing your ads’ click-through rates (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-action (CPA), and other metrics.

Context Understanding

In the post-cookie-less world, contextual targeting is increasingly crucial.

KAIROS strikes a match between keywords and advanced machine learning algorithms to sense the overall context that a prospect is immersed in to deliver relevant and meaningful engagement.

Predictive Analytics

KAIROS machine learning ingests large amount of data including historical data and behavioral data to guide its campaign strategies and targeting to recommend as well as to optimize towards your KPIs.

Smart Fixes

No more fumbling to figure out how and where to fix the errors when arise. KAIROS directly states troubleshooting fixes to the errors.

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