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Location-Based Advertising / Proximity Targeting

Powerful Targeting Capabilities with Granularity

Deliver Marketing Messages to Device Owners Around the Vicinity of a Business Location

Engage and drive better marketing strategies by communicating personalized messages to your customers’ devices

Proximity Targeting
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Geofencing & Targeting Using Polygons

Define your target audience and potential customers visiting specific geographical areas or locations with XPO’s geo-fencing capability. Start creating your desired areas to reach out to your audience within this virtual perimeter or polygon by uploading precise location coordinates.

Also create custom targeting/remarketing strategies based on behavior and visitation, and target your ad messages to any device that enters your demarcated areas.

Proximity Targeting By LotaData

LotaData is a proximity data service provider that helps businesses to understand intentions and historic locations of people. The company assists in building accurate audience sets for you with a global coverage in 1349 cities.

Leverage this historic data in XPO and build on your target based on prospects previous visits to selected locations. Gain better insights on their behaviour and interests, ensuring an accurate ad delivery.

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Proximity Targeting

Real-Time Proximity Targeting with Factual

XPO has integrated with Factual, a comprehensive location based data company to jointly empower you with high quality data and insights to reach and engage with your consumers in real time and augment proximity targeting for your advertising campaigns.

By highlighting the importance of “right time” and “right place”, proximity targeting by Factual is referred to as hyperlocal marketing. Serving local ads to the customers based on their proximity to a location in real time.

Footfall Attribution with Mobilewalla

Footfall Attribution is the ability for a business to track prospects that walk in their stores or engage with them offline and offers valuable insights to perform competitive analysis, temporal analysis and customer analysis. You can correlate digital marketing campaign impressions to actual store visits.

By leveraging on Mobilewalla’s capabilities in XPO, you will be able to receive critical insights on the visibility of accurate and robust consumer data with the largest network of devices. This will help unify online and offline data and launch a multi-channel campaign within minutes and uplift your footfall conversions

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