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Knorex is Now a Triple-Badge Facebook Business Partner

Knorex is thrilled to become a Facebook Business Partner.

The Facebook Business Partners (or formerly known as Facebook Marketing Partners) are companies that Facebook has vetted for their expertise. They will have the experience and expertise in helping other businesses in providing related technologies and products, running ads, or engaging with customers on best practices with respect to Facebook.

We are ecstatic to be recognized and be able to showcase our expertise in the digital advertising space particularly in the Facebook ecosystem and ultimately help customers to extract more value from Facebook advertising.

Generally, to become a Facebook Business Partner, the business partner will have to go through certain basic certifications and meet certain requirements to qualify. However, to be a partner, it will take continuous efforts to meet Facebook’s strict requirements in terms of certifications, ad spend, and performance in order to qualify. Also, a partner is not only reviewed for its capability and expertise but also for its solid track record with Facebook. This qualification will certainly give our clients further confidence knowing that Knorex is a reliable, quality-ensured service provider that can help to guide them.

What this means for you as a Knorex client?

Being a Facebook Business Partner, Knorex will be able to better serve our clients and reaffirms our team’s expertise and our relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver the best experience and tools to our customers and partners. For Knorex, it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments from Facebook and be able to bring the benefits and make an impact on its customers and partners.

Request a demo with us today to learn how we can provide you with relevant, engaging, and successful Facebook advertising outcomes.

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