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Knorex Earns Google Premier Partner for Google Ads

Knorex has earned the status of Google Premier Partner for Google Ads, being in the top 3% exclusive tier of the Google Partner program.

Upon receiving the Google Partner badge, Knorex is accredited to have passed the certification test and is up-to-date with the latest Google Advertising knowledge and expertise, while fulfiling a set of criteria that Google Partner program will require Knorex to demonstrate in order to attain the premier status.

“We are thrilled to continue to be certified by Google especially as a Premier Partner for Google Ads where there are more stringent requirements to attain. Having able to add and support Google Ads as part of our offerings of cross-channel capabilities including Video, OTT/CTV, DOOH, Audio, Display/Native, and Social, we are excited to be able to support Google Ads in Knorex XPO, to provide to our customers a truly omni-channel approach to reach out to targeted audience,” said Abhishek Kumar, Knorex VP of Engineering.

Why being a Google Premier Partner Makes Us a Better Partner for You

Maximize to Fullest Potential: XPO supports omni-channel advertising that covers programmatic channels and native platforms. One key channel is Google Ads. If you can run Google ad campaigns properly, you can enjoy good returns on your ad spend. But running Google Ads campaign can get tricky at times, even when using XPO.

Being certified as a Premier Partner of Google Ads, we have demonstrated the experience and in-depth knowledge, while still keeping updated with the latest and greatest from Google Ads. We strive to maintain high standards, working hand-in-hand with Google’s stringent standards of advertising best practices. Our team can help you to maximize the fullest potential of what Google Ads can offer through XPO, while enabling you to further extend the benefits of Google Ads across to other channels.

Providing You Assured Expertise and Timely Support: In XPO, we offer unparalleled Google Ads integration. Combined that with our expertise and skilled understanding and how to best use of Google Ads, and the privileged access to a range of benefits including access to Google beta programs, training events, and other tools, dedicated technical specialists from Google Ads, our team will be able to provide you unique insights and support especially with respect to how Google Ads can be leveraged in XPO. Our client servicing team is ever ready to address technical and operational aspects relating to Google Ads.