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Slicing Through Challenges: A Top Meat Processor’s Success Journey

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The Agency was looking to help its client, a top industry player in the meat processing industry, to enhance its overall advertising performance while lifting operational efficiency amidst competitive market conditions.


As part of their digital advertising outreach, there were several key challenges:

  1. Scaling Demands with Limited Manpower:
    Balancing increasing demands with limited manpower resources while finding ways to boost productivity levels.
  2. Inefficient Execution in Multichannel Advertising:
    Inefficient campaign execution processes, especially when advertising to multiple channels and numerous manual workflows, leading to resource wastage and suboptimal campaign performance.
  3. Hurdles in AI Adoption for Automation:
    High initial costs associated with adopting AI technologies for advertising management and execution, and the lack of integration across multiple platforms or ad channels hindering AI adoption for cross-channel targeting.
  4. Scaling with Multichannel Advertising:
    Scaling and optimizing advertising investments across various digital ad channels to maximize reach and impact.


The Agency adopted Knorex XPO℠, an AI-driven advertising management and execution platform, to address the aforementioned challenges:

  1. Unified Advertising Platform:
    By implementing Knorex XPO, the Agency gets to consolidate and manage advertising campaigns across a wide range of digital channels, including social media, search engines, connected TVs/OTTs, video, and display, merging the programmatic and walled garden platforms.
  2. AI-Driven Optimization:
    By leveraging Knorex XPO’s AI capabilities to optimize campaign performance in real-time, ensuring timely and efficient budget allocation to achieve maximum ROI (return on investment) across not just one but multiple digital ad channels in real-time.
  3. Workflow Automation:
    Automated campaign setup, ad creative generation, and performance monitoring to streamline operations, reduce manual intervention, and enhance productivity efficiency.
  4. Cost-Effective AI Implementation:
    With Knorex XPO and its KAIROS AI engine, the Agency has immediate and direct access to the latest and cutting-edge technologies with markedly reduced cost and risk, thereby significantly mitigated the high costs associated with AI adoption, enabling cost-effective utilization of AI technologies for enhanced advertising effectiveness and operational efficiency.
  5. Integrated Reporting and Analytics:
    Knorex XPO provided the Agency the ability to generate integrated reporting and provide unified insights into campaign performance across channels, enabling real-time adjustments and optimizations for maximum ROI.


The adoption of Knorex XPO and its AI-driven solution has enabled the Agency to deliver tangible results:

  • 35% Improved profitability: Enhanced operational efficiencies and strategic campaign management led to a 35% increase in profitability.
  • 45% Increased staff productivity: Streamlined workflows and automation contributed to a 45% boost in staff productivity.
  • 50% Productivity efficiency: Optimized processes and reduced operational overheads resulted in a 50% improvement in productivity efficiency.
  • 75% Reduction in AI implementation costs: Implemented measures that reduced the initial costs associated with AI adoption by 75%, making advanced AI technologies more accessible and beneficial.
  • 56% Increased ad spend year-on-year: Managed and optimized increased advertising investments, achieving a 56% growth year-on-year in advertising impact and reach.


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