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Cross-Channel App Installs

Driving Mobile App Growth Across Different Marketing Channels

Promote Your App Across Different Channels in One Place

Universal App Install Campaigns

Google Ad’s Universal App Campaigns or in short UAC is an effective way to promote the discovery and installation of your mobile apps and in-app conversions. UAC connects you with your users across Google Search, Google Display, Google Play, and YouTube.

Facebook App Install Campaigns

In XPO, you can create a Facebook app install campaign to drive more people to install your app and optimize for app events. These ads appear on feeds, where users will be redirected to install your app from the app stores.

Programmatic App Install Campaigns

Programmatic App Install Campaigns are app install ads shown across as Display, Video, Native, and CTV/OTT ad formats, where users are then directed to install the app from the app store.

Cross-Channel App Installs 2
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Cross-Channel App Install

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About the cross channel creatives setup or creation?

KAIROS recommends the best bidding strategies for you, helping you to achieve more clicks, more conversions at the optimal price while driving towards your marketing goals.

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AI budget allocation

AI-Driven Automated Optimization

Automatically optimize budget allocation based on your campaign’s key performance indicators. 

KAIROS’s Intelligent Bidding Machines work in concert towards optimizing your advertisements’ click-through rates, cost per click and cost per action, and other metrics.

Measure & Attribute Performance

In mobile apps, tracking and attribution are not as straightforward as compared with the Web. XPO integrates with leading mobile measurement and attribution partners including Adjust, Appsflyer, and

Cross-Channel App Installs 3
Cross-Channel App Installs 4

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Lean on XPO’s AI engine KAIROS and its powerful cross channel app install capability to run a successful mobile growth strategy.