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XPO + Social Media Ads

Access to Leading Social Media Networks For Unique Reach and Targeting in One Place

When Social Meets XPO

Harness The Power Of Leading Social Media

Social media lets you connect with your audience to build brand awareness, drive website or app traffic, drive leads or increase sales. XPO integrates with major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and LinkedIn to create the ultimate all-around cross-channel experience.

Reach Desired Audience

Each of the social media network comes with its unique micro-targeting capabilities, allow you to reach new prospects while engaging with existing customers. Re-engage with them at scale and across channels.

Automate To Scale

Create, launch, measure and optimize social media ads, all in one place. To top it off, enlist our KAIROS AI engine to help you to optimize your execution while you scale.

Extend Across Channels

You get to execute cross-channel marketing by combining various channels, including social media, search and programmatic to reach your targeted audience 24/7 round the clock.

Unified Reporting Across Channels

All your reports come in unified so you can make faster decisions and better allocate a budget to get your optimal performance.

Manage one platform and start delivering efficiency and results.