Digital Marketing Automation For Auto Dealerships & Car Sales

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One Platform Across Multiple Channels For
One User Journey

Drive awareness, consideration, purchase, service, conquest and repurchase all using a single platform

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Cross-channel for Widest Coverage

Unified cross-channel tracking, targeting, reporting, optimization, and execution across social, search, display/native, video, OTT/CTV and email in one place.

One Platform for Efficiency

No more managing multiple platforms to meet entire digital marketing execution. Regain your focus on growing your business.

Learn one platform, run across many!

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Multi-stage Marketing Funnel

CRM Data for Multi-stage Targeting

Integrate with CRM data to drive personalized consideration, maintenance, and service offerings based on the different stage of vehicle ownership for each individual.

Workflow Automation & Bulk Editing Tools

Deploy and manage campaigns at scale with powerful workflow and automation tools such as bulk cloning, editing, quotation, invoicing and more.

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Data Feeds Integration for Real-time Change

Integrate specialized data feeds from inventory management and third-party data providers (such as HomeNet, Experian, DataX etc.) at VIN ID-level into cross-channel dynamic catalog ads.

Cross-channel Optimization

Maximize cross-channel synergy and optimize greater efficiency in ad spend with Knorex KAIROS™ AI engine.

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Ad Exchanges and Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Contextual Targeting

Leverage on Knorex’s Lumina™ Contextual Engine for cookie-less contextual targeting for quality placement with relevant semantics.

Get ready for CCPA!

Stop marketing in channels &
start marketing to customers