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Contextual Targeting for Better Audience Segmentation

What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting utilizes session data information to triangulate a user’s intentions and interests, as opposed to using data collected, stored, and analyzed about that user over a period of time. With GDPR and the upcoming CCPA, there is rising demand for contextual targeting. There is now increased awareness from consumers worldwide, and public and regulatory pressures are mounting for the industry to restrict or limit the collection of user data. Hence, cookie-based ad targeting becomes increasingly hampered and many internet browsers are also participating to limit use of cookies.

Contextual targeting, on the other hand, uses session information, such as the website a user is browsing, to determine the individual’s intentions and interests. Being data that is interpretive and derived from user behavior, rather than direct user information, targeting based upon context is fully compliant with both public and regulatory sentiments toward privacy.

What is Lumina?

Lumina is Knorex’ Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI engine. As with all efforts within Knorex, the Lumina team was given a mission to create the best possible NLP engine, free of bias and compromise, and the result is an advanced, home-grown capability to quickly learn language structure, vocabulary, context, and content from any reference set of information. Once a language is acquired, Lumina can then be used to interpret content in that language (In fact, we taught Lumina English by feeding it Wikipedia!). Because the design intent of Lumina was NLP based from the start, and unbiased by commercial or marketing influence, it is the perfect tool to do anything based upon language, including:

  • Identify languages
  • Recommend keywords
  • Interpret context and content

For contextual targeting, Lumina was deployed years ago to scour the Internet’s content and has amassed a massive database of billions of webpages in dozens of languages (and counting!), and now this information is available for free to users of our XPO platform to target audiences in complete compliance with existing and future digital advertising regulations!

Fine-tune audience segmentation through Contextual Targeting with Lumina?

With XPO it’s easy to get started with contextual targeting and even to add this capability into your existing campaigns! All one needs to do is:

  1. Set up a new AdGroup in XPO with Segments specified for interests aligned with the audience you are seeking
    • Our Segments follow IAB Taxonomy (up to Tier 2) and reflect the category/topic/interest represented in the content analyzed by Lumina

As mentioned above, AdGroups targeting audiences based upon context can be added to existing campaigns, where they can allowed perform alongside other AdGroups using traditional setups. To take it a step even further, Auto-Optimization can be enabled at the campaign level so that our KAIROS optimization engine can automatically determine synergy between all of these AdGroups and optimize the allocation of campaign budget across all AdGroups and channels!


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