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JICWEBS Issues Anti Ad-Fraud and Brand Safety (DTSG) Seals to Knorex as Verified by ABC

Knorex, a leading provider of Precision Performance Marketing, was awarded today two Seals of Compliance issued by Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) for anti ad-fraud and brand safety ( Both seals are verified by an independent auditor Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). The awarding of these seals certifies that Knorex has met the industry agreed standards JICWEBS Good Practice Principles for reducing risk exposure to ad fraud through proactive tackling of fraudulent traffic by identifying and excluding the 16 difference sources of fraud listed in JICWEBS’ taxonomy of online fraud, and also adhering to the 7 Good Practice Principles for the Trading of Digital Display and/or Audio Advertising ePrivacy in minimizing the risk of ad misplacement to uphold brand safety and protecting the integrity of online advertising.

The JICWEBS Principles are industry-approved guidelines against which media buyers, publishers or intermediaries can be verified to confirm their processes minimize the risk of exposure to traffic fraud. The aim of the Principles and ABC’s anti ad-fraud verification programme is to promote confidence in the industry by demonstrating that companies like Knorex offers quality protection against the risk of ad fraud.

Dr. Justin Choo, Chief Executive at Knorex comments: “Attaining the JICWEBS anti ad-fraud and brand safety (DTSG) seals is an important milestone for Knorex as it recognizes our long-standing commitment in providing a trustworthy and brand-safe environment to our customers. At a time when brand safety and ad fraud remain an on-going concern for advertisers, we are thrilled to receive these two independently verified Seals of Compliance. The certification demonstrates our solutions measuring up to industry best practices and standards. It also means we are able to deliver greater transparency to advertisers that their ads will reach the right audience and not be associated with content that could jeopardize their reputation. We will continue to take proactive steps in providing quality advertising solutions and assurance to our customers to support their business growth.”

Simon Redlich, Chief Executive at ABC, said, “Congratulations to Knorex for achieving the JICWEBS Seal following verification by ABC. This recognizes their compliance with the JICWEBS Anti Ad-fraud Principles. Ad fraud is a major concern facing the industry and organizations such as JICWEBS and ABC are working to deliver practical solutions that enhance transparency and promote good practice. Knorex is leading by example in demonstrating their commitment to a safer, more transparent digital ad trading environment.”

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