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A New Growth Chapter for Knorex: Unveiling a Refreshed Brand Identity

We are thrilled to share that today, Knorex has unveiled our new brand identity. This brand refresh marks a new chapter of growth as we continue our pursuit of excellence. Besides the change to a new logo and color scheme, more importantly, the brand identity affirms our commitment to delivering innovative solutions in partnership with our clients and partners. 

Our Dedication to Partnership and Excellence 

At Knorex, our mission of “simplifying digital marketing to accelerate business growth” has been the guiding beacon in what we do for our clients. It encapsulates our vow to transform the digital marketing journey and make it accessible and usable for our clients and partners in the simplest possible way. With our new brand identity, we underscore this dedication, emphasizing our role in enabling and equipping our partners and clients to overcome the challenges inherent in today’s increasingly complex digital marketing landscape. 

Since our inception, Knorex has always been driven by our relentless focus on innovation and the cultivation of strong collaborative partnerships. We strive to be the premier partner in digital marketing when it comes to driving automation, efficiency, and efficacy, and to be the ultimate trusted partner for businesses seeking digital excellence to drive their business growth.

A Trusted Partner for Growth 

“Businesses are constantly on the lookout for growth opportunities, and digital marketing is increasingly becoming the engine for that growth. However, the challenges in digital marketing can be daunting,” says Wilson Chandra, President of Knorex. “At Knorex, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients and partners in navigating these challenges and achieving superb results. Our holistic approach, powered by our proprietary cutting-edge digital marketing technology and dedicated customer support, ensures that businesses can meet their growth objectives efficiently and effectively.” 

Wilson also highlighted, “We have transcended the role of a mere vendor to become a trusted partner for our clients. Our brand refresh reflects this evolution and our commitment to fostering quality, enduring relationships with our clients and partners.” 

The New “Krest” Mark 

Our new brand identity features the iconic “Krest” mark, symbolizing the fusion of expertise and execution aimed at achieving excellence. It also represents the tight collaboration between Knorex and our clients, highlighting our steadfast commitment to supporting our partners throughout the journey. The simplistic yet modern design of our new identity, complemented by the invigorating color palette, will be progressively rolled out across all our digital channels and platforms, beginning with the website and social media channels. 

Unique Propositions and Differentiated Services 

Knorex continues to excel in delivering state-of-the-art advertising technology solutions combined with unparalleled customer support. Our dedicated team of sales and customer success professionals works closely with partners and clients to understand their unique needs and goals. By offering our unique cross-channel and cross-platform real-time solutions, we enhance our clients’ efficiency and efficacy, ensuring that businesses can meet their growth objectives. 

Explore Knorex New Brand Identity 

We invite you to explore our new brand identity on our website and social media channels. Visit to experience our new brand identity. Better yet, we welcome you to reach out to us for a chat and let us explore how we can help you simplify your digital marketing tech stack and help fuel your growth. 

About Knorex 

Founded in 2009, Knorex is a B2B technology company that provides programmatic advertising products and solutions to marketers, simplifying digital marketing and accelerating business growth. Our flagship cloud platform, Knorex XPO, is an AI-driven advertising management and execution (AMX) platform (whitepaper to know more) that enables marketers to connect in real-time with their desired audience worldwide. With its unique blend of AI-powered features and deep integration capabilities, XPO offers unparalleled automation to streamline complex workflows, intelligent optimization, and personalization across leading digital ad channels. 

Knorex operates in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, visit