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Driving Traffic and Sales Conversions for Food Catering

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Client provides catering service and has an in-house marketing team that maintains its website to market and sell their catering services that are targeted to two segments of customers, one for formal events another for casual and festive seasons e.g. birthday parties, and special events. The internal team runs all their marketing campaigns in-house instead of relying on external vendors.


Client wanted to benchmark and learn about new tools that benefit their in-house team while letting them benchmark their internal effort till date.


Client ran 2 cross-channel campaigns for the two segments:

  • First, across 3 channels (search, Facebook and display) to drive traffic to its website and gain sales conversions for 3 weeks before Christmas.
  • Second, across 2 channels (Social media and display) to increase brand awareness and drive traffic.



Click-through rate for 1st campaign


Click-through rate for 2nd campaign

  • First campaign achieved click-through rate of 1.98% while driving sales conversions, both much beyond expectation.
  • Second campaign repeated the success with click-through rate of 0.62% while driving sales conversions too.
  • For both campaigns, they are of B2B nature.