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How Knorex and A Leading Premium Publisher Power SAXO to Achieve A Successful Lead Generation Campaign

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A leading financial institution, Saxo Capital Markets (a subsidiary of the SAXO Bank Group), was looking for a reliable partner that could increase its campaign reach in conjunction with a new launch of its reality trading show while delivering above benchmark performance.

The financial institution engaged a leading local Premium Publisher and its dynamic creatives and programmatic advertising partner Knorex to tap on its premium display inventory on its multiple sites and its AUdience eXtension (AUX) programme that extends their audience reach beyond its inventory into the programmatic world spanning across geography and languages – and all these to be executed in one place via Knorex XPO™ programmatic platform.

The two partners worked closely with the Client to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve its campaign goals and objectives and with results that surpass even the client’s ambitious target.


Acquire a minimum of 2,000 sign-ups for a new reality trading show to be launched on the Premium Publisher’s TV channel, a leading pan-Asian news purveyor. The competition was primarily to be held in Singapore, with added mandate to attract competitors from across the region including Australia and Japan.



Several strategies were identified and implemented to achieve the KPI, including look-alike retargeting based on successful converts, financial/trading intent audience, retargeting based on creative engagement. By leveraging on Knorex XPO™, a proprietary advertising platform with several key advertising technology components, the partners worked closely with the Client to execute the campaign into the Premium Publisher’s inventory and other global ad exchanges to target the appropriate sites and audience segments. Through consultative approach with the Client, the partners also carry out agile iterations to make regular adjustments optimization as and when required, to the active campaign.


With spot buy on premium website, guaranteed buy from the Premium Publisher directly and proprietary optimization algorithm, the partners’ delivered better than expected results. Every single KPIs set by the group was surpassed by the partners. The total number of impressions delivered exceeds 10 million with click-through rate (CTR) reaching 0.3%, deftly surpassing the industry benchmark for similar campaigns. More importantly, the most critical metric i.e. number of sign-ups for the campaign hits 2,006 sign-up, hitting the initial lofty goal in less than 2 months.


How Knorex and A Leading Premium Publisher Power SAXO to Achieve A Successful Lead Generation Campaign 1



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