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Knorex Premium Publishers, DCO and XPO Powers A Leading Hospitality Group to Achieve 250% Increase In Booking Revenue


more impressions


more clicks


more revenue

A leading hospitality group was looking for a reliable partner that could increase its campaign reach while delivering above benchmark performance. The group engaged Knorex to tap on its vast premium display publishers across media, geography and languages; executing all these activities in one place via its Knorex XPO™ advertising platform. Knorex worked closely with the group and its operations team to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the campaign goals and alleviate the pain points with results that surpass even the group’s ambitious target.


After a lackluster campaign in the previous year, the hospitality group set ambitious goals to prove the viability of market potential and showcase its properties in South East Asia to a wider audience. The group wanted to expand the campaign to 12 publishers and ad exchanges in as many countries, 4 different regional languages and 19 creatives. In the process, a lofty goal to increase revenue by over 200% and to run the campaign in 3 phases with different messages was mandated.


With over 2,000 possible combinations for the creatives, the phases switching within 48 hours, there was no way to prepare and publish all the creatives via traditional manual approach.

By leveraging on Knorex XPO, its propriety all-in-one advertising platform, Knorex team worked closely with the group, premium publishers, ad exchanges and client-appointed digital agencies to automate production and publish creatives in a timely manner.

Knorex account manager used consultative approach, open communication and agile iterations to make regular adjustment to the campaign and perform optimization as and when required.

I’ve just came back from dead from our cruel 72 Hours Sale and would like to pass our success to you and your lovely team.  Despite the aggressive target …, we finished our sales with ….!!! Your … team is gold! I can’t imagine doing the campaigns without your help


Knorex Premium Publishers, DCO and XPO Powers A Leading Hospitality Group to Achieve 250% Increase In Booking Revenue 1

Since coming on-board with Knorex, the group saw an immediate impact to their campaign. With guaranteed buy from publishers directly and proprietary optimization algorithm, Knorex performance group was able to deliver better than expected results.

Every single KPI set by the group was surpassed by the team. Total impression delivered was close to 2X promised. Click through rate was 5X the industry benchmark for similar campaigns.  Most importantly and possibly the only relevant metrics to look at – the total sales attributed to the campaign was well over the target and more then 250% increase Year-on-Year.

This is a true testament to the tenacity of our team & advancement of our technology. With a very tight timeline to build and deploy new creatives, the team used in-house proprietary software to automate content creation, creative publishing and performance optimization.


Knorex XPO™ is an all-in-one advertising platform for rapid creation and distribution of dynamic ads programmatically into global ad exchanges and social media. Ad buyers achieve faster time-to-market with powerful tools to manage their campaigns with higher efficiency and enjoy greater cost savings and time. More information about the platform is available at https://www.knorex.comGet in touch with us if you would like to find out more about how we can help transform your campaigns.