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Powering Mitsubishi Website Visits with Contextual Data

Table of Content

site traffic increase
YouTube view increase


Cycle and Carriage (Mitsubishi) was looking to promote the arrival of their new fuel efficient car model, Mitsubishi Attrage.


  1. Drive visitors to their website to check out their new car model, Mitsubishi Attrage.
  2. Increase brand awareness of Mitsubishi.


Contextual data

Leveraging on the relevant context was a key aspect of this case. By tapping on Factual’s Geopulse Proximity data solution, Knorex created a highly targeted geofences around 1,655 car dealerships in Singapore with which the campaign runs on a programmatic basis to reach out to a wide audience, primarily on the mobile. Meanwhile, to capture additional audience segments beyond such hyper-local targeting, Knorex further target websites on contextual level and driving traffic into the customer’s Youtube channel.

Popular hotspots of car enthusiasts are being targeted, including websites and physical car dealerships. Video showcasing the new model was heavily featured.


The site traffic jumped more than 2.5x during the campaign. Client’s Youtube channel views rocketed more than 10x and client reporting back on larger traffic visits into their showrooms during the campaign run.