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Regional Hospitality Group Scores Solid Performance For Its Online Booking

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A leading regional hospitality owner and operator with a diverse portfolio of hotels, serviced residences and apartment hotels was looking for a partner to increase its campaign reach in conjunction with a newly launched promotion and revamped website, while delivering performance beyond its past campaigns by at least 20%.


Acquire a minimum of 90 bookings for 3 markets in their portfolio – Australia, United States and United Kingdom. These markets typically command high cost for traffic acquisition and each having its differences when it comes to targeting.


Several strategies were identified and implemented to achieve the KPI, including look-alike targeting based on successful converts, travel intent audience, retargeting based on creative engagement.

By leveraging on Knorex XPO, a proprietary advertising platform with several key advertising technology components, Knorex worked closely with the Client to execute the campaign into global ad exchanges to programmatically target the appropriate sites and audience segments.


case hospitality roi

With programmatic spot buy on premium website, proprietary optimization algorithm, and amalgamating multi-party data to identify key segments, Knorex eventually delivered to the Client better than expected results.

KPIs that were set by the Client were surpassed by Knorex. The click-through rate (CTR) exceeds 0.06%, while the ultimate metric i.e. the number of bookings for the campaign, registered at 125 quality bookings and still counting, crushing the original target in less than 2 months into the campaign.


Knorex XPO™ is an all-in-one advertising platform for rapid creation and distribution of dynamic ads programmatically into global ad exchanges. Ad buyers can use it to quickly launch and manage their campaigns with higher efficiency and enjoy greater cost savings and time. Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about how we can help transform your campaigns.