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Ad Targeting: Engage The Right Customers, Deliver An Accurate Message

Ad targeting, the ability to deliver relevant marketing messages to the targeted consumers, lays the critical path for a successful campaign outcome. Instead of the bygone method of mass broadcast, now you get to zoom in on specific group(s) of consumers. Targeting lets you control the ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘when’ placement of your marketing or ad messages, to a desirable group of prospects within the entire market that are actually interested in your product (or service).

Targeting advertisements today are readily driven by data and algorithms. User information encompassing user browsing patterns, social media activities, and online purchases provide fuel. Understanding prospects’ needs, goals, pain points, interests, habits, all of which are key to successful campaign execution.

Nonetheless, one should be mindful being overly granular will significantly reduce your campaign reach. The key is to have “just enough granularity”. This is why striking a balance between your precision or granularity of targeting and the size of your campaign reach is important to give you a wide enough coverage that could still generate healthy conversions.

With Knorex XPO’s cross-channel and cross-device optimization, you now have the opportunity to further improve your coverage towards achieving the ‘right’ targeting size according to your audience demographic and interests.

Ad Targeting In Knorex XPO

Apart from ad automation and personalization, XPO lets you segment your target audience based on their demographic, age, gender, intentions, habits, purchasing patterns, devices used, location, etc. you can achieve a seamless campaign creation journey.

Knorex XPO’s proximity targeting capability helps you understand people’s historic (or real-time) locations and their interests, thus improving the relevance of your audience data. With this capability, you get to:

  • Create more timely and relevant marketing messages based on their location

  • Convey the value of your campaigns

  • Add value through insights

With XPO’s hyperlocal targeting, defining your target audience within a certain virtual perimeter (or polygon) by just uploading a precise virtual line (radius) from one specific area to another where you can then create custom targeting/remarketing strategies based on behavior and visitation, and target your ad messages to any device that enters your demarcated areas or polygon.

Beyond location, demographic, and interest targeting, marketers can also target lookalike audiences and using contextual relevant cues including contents read, time of day, and so on, while combining data from third-party sellers.

In XPO, you can maximize your reach with access to some of the leading global media partners and platforms. And with our third-party integrations, you get to leverage the varied data organized based on industry, demographics, behaviors, and interests of audiences, which can further improve your targeting precision and relevance. You can target customers who you know are willing to re-purchase and who is likely to spend on a particular product or service. XPO also provides you the ability to program your ad messages to your target crowd via the setting of the timezone and using dayparting strategies.

With XPO proprietary contextual targeting capability, you can target prospects based on their interests and based on what they are browsing, whether it is on websites or web-based apps. Ads are optimized to appear when a user actually shows potential interest in a product or service.

Often, as a business, you would have identified and sign up some existing customers and made them your loyal customers. You can rely on your existing customers to create a data model that is based on similar demographics, behaviors, or even interests to them to extrapolate to a wider audience pool through a technique known as lookalike modeling or targeting to create lookalike audiences. This capability is readily available in XPO.

To top it off, XPO offers sophisticated Dynamic Creative Optimization capability for you to attract prospects by tailoring your marketing messages and creative and vary them based on their interest and behavior to prospect or retarget them. Such personalization of ads is based on different triggers of audience segmentation and directly relate to variables like location, interests, device, behaviors, context, and demographics.

And if you are marketing for physical stores, XPO footfall attribution shall come in handy where, by using mobile IDs as a persistent key, XPO lets you create a comprehensive, cross-channel view of a customer, tracking his/her online and offline behavior, thereby helping you to create a more holistic view and understanding of your digital campaigns and how it drives traffic to your physical stores.

Reach Your Prospects Better With XPO Comprehensive Targeting Solutions

With online advertising channels, you can reach out to almost anyone these days. Your ad messages can be delivered in the form of a display, native, or video ad, or an ad targeted to social media platforms like Facebook or Google. Digital advertising has given us the power and flexibility to reach out to vast groups of customers, while still having the ability to tailor your messages accordingly to a specific audience segment too!

It’s important to remember is to be strategic in your targeting. Being too granular is not desirable though being able to zoom in with relevance to a specific audience segment is crucial. Being able to display the right message with an appealing message or creative that can resonate with the desired audience and in a personalized manner will be an important pursuit.

XPO provides a slew of targeting capabilities and with our AI engine KAIROS, you will now be able to carry out 24/7 automated cross channel optimization in real-time to drive relevance and results to your campaign.

Request a demo with the Knorex team today to explore how you can leapfrog your campaign execution.