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How Do Auto Dealerships Attract Customers?

For an auto dealership business to work, it needs to have a chunk of customers walking to their premises every day. 

Otherwise, the money used to hire the salesperson and the support staff working to service the previous customers will slowly start draining the company funds.

So, how can you attract customers to buy from you?

1. Be creative with incentives

This can be anything from free lunch to tickets to the most trending movie for every test drive. Many people who show up may just be in for free lunch, but you’ll also increase the number of potential buyers. 

You can then offer another rebate for any customer who shows up for the second time to buy a car. This can help you convert some of the people who came the first time to real buyers.

Another way to attract customers is by encouraging them to refer their friends and relatives to you. You’ll need an incentive like a free full-tank or money for every referral. 

Be sure to advertise your incentives to the community actively. You can offer free oil changes one week and the other one free floor mats for everyone who purchases a car.

This will stir some excitement in the community as they’ll always want to hear what is on your offer list.

2. Offer more than car sales

Think about other things car buyers are looking for and avail them. For example, most people looking to buy a car are looking for lenders or financial organizations to finance them.

You can solve this by partnering with credible organizations and helping customers who are qualified to get loans. This will save them the hustle and time of finding a lender with good terms.

3. Invest in your sales team

A great sales team can help in driving sales to your business. Teach your team to collect all the contacts and personal information from their leads. 

They can then use contacts to follow up and make cold calls. Sometimes, you may not have the car they need, but later if it’s present, the salespeople can inform the buyer. 

Salespeople can also send customers personalized birthday messages to nurture their relationships.

It’s also important that salespeople call customers to check how the car is serving customers a few weeks after purchase. As well as inform them of any promotions you currently have.

Keeping in touch with customers helps in generating referrals easily.

4. Keep up with the trends

As much as it may be costly, it’s important to have a healthy and balanced inventory. Customers are more attracted to car dealers with a variety of car colours and types of cars. This assures customers that there is something for everyone. 

You also need to know what’s new in the market and acquire it. The latest it should take a car dealer to bring in a new model after being released is a week.

However, don’t fall into the trap of advertising a new model before it arrives in your yard. This is a tempting move because it creates excitement.

But instead, using the funds to clear what you already have will help you reduce the pressure of bringing in new inventory.

5. Have an online presence

The use of technology has spread to every sector, and that includes the car dealership. Many people will search to see the cars within the price range they can offer before making a purchase.

Work on a great website and images to attract customers to your store. Investing in more advanced marketing, such as Local SEO, will help you attract people who are searching for car dealers in your area.

Besides marketing your business through a website, utilize the social media platforms to reach your customers. When this may seem like a lot of work, it can be done by a touch of one button, through auto dealership automation

6. Publish testimonials on your website

Customers depend on other people’s experiences to determine how getting into bed with your business will be like.

Encourage your customers to give you testimonials, reviews, and ratings. This will help you easily win the trust of your potential leads. 

Do You Want to Attract More Car Buyers?

The automotive business is expensive to start and manage. Therefore, it’s crucial that you learn how to market your business to get returns.

Work on training your salespeople on how to communicate more effectively with the customers and follow up with them. This will help increase referrals and return sales.

Be creative with your incentive and work on staying up on the trend.