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What is Double Click Bid Manager (DBM)?

If you’re an advertiser and you’re looking for ways to boost your ads engagement and ROI, you should consider the Double Click Bid Manager (DBM), commonly known as Demand Side Platform(DSP).

DBM gives advertisers access to many ad space inventories for programmatic media buying, across all formats and channels.

Here is more information on DBM, reasons why you’re missing out as an advertiser is you aren’t using it, and how it makes the buying and selling of ad impressions easy and effective.

What is a DBM?

DoubleClick Bid Manager is another name for Google’s DSP. So what does a DSP do? It gives advertisers, trading desks and advertising agencies access to ad spaces in real-time.

It’s recognized as one of the most critical tools in an online marketer’s programmatic marketing list. 

DBM ensures that media buyers reach their maximum potential in terms of targeting, optimizing marketing ad campaigns and bidding. 

As you will later see, the channel allows marketers to organize their programmatic buying options from all publishers within it. 

What are the main features of the DoubleClick bid manager?

Below are the primary features of a DBM


  • It works well across all devices (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • It’s combined with ad impressions inventory from more than 100 Ad exchanges and a billion websites
  • It assists in reaching out to your potential customers on your remarketing list
  • It can handle various bidding strategies
  • It has an excellent targeting system. It enables you to locate potential leads for your business based on their age, interests, demographics, interests and buyer’s intent using Google’s data.

Buying options

  • A straightforward buying process. DBM allows online marketers to plan, execute and track their campaigns across mobile, video and desktop within its platform.
  • An advertiser’s ‘mall’. Marketers have many options for buying impressions programmatically. This includes open exchange, direct deals and programmatic guaranteed. 
  • Premium ad impressions. You can buy safe video ad spaces for YouTube and TV Programmatically in the DBM’s premium video marketplace. 
  • DBM’s platform allows advertisers to plan, search and buy premium impressions within its interface.

Reporting and Optimization

  • Easy campaign tracking and optimization. Marketers can start their campaigns on the platform. And later use it to manage, and track the data of the campaign on the channel to make tweaks for better results.
  • Funnels analytic measurements. You can use real-time analytics to see whether your campaigns are being shown to the right audience. And see if they’re taking the required action.
  • The advertiser can use the platform to check the number of impressions, ad clicks and conversion rate from their marketing efforts.

Unified platform with DBM

  • You can reach out and monitor your potential customers using floodlights and cookies
  • Any information created from the DBM interface can be used and traced throughout the system.


  • Google’s DBM verification protects its marketers from fraudsters

Final Thoughts

To be successful in the online marketing world, you have to keep tabs on for any new advertising hacks.

The DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), is a crucial tool for all advertisers. It allows you to buy ad impressions from more than a billion websites, in 100 ad exchanges. You also get to track and optimize the performance of your ads on the same platform.