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Is Facebook a DSP?

Yes, the FB ad manager can be described as a DSP

But what is a DSP really? It’s a platform that allows advertisers to buy ad spaces, in real-time, from multiple web owners. A competent DSP(Demand Side Platform) is the one that has thousands of opportunities (sometimes global ad spaces) available for marketers. 

Yet, all these websites don’t include Facebook. Mark decided to do something different and got rid of the technical middleman, which frankly speaking, is a brilliant idea.

Ads manager by Facebook

Facebook Ads manager only distributes their inventory, solely and programmatically. It has multiple similarities and targeting options like that of a DSP. The major difference is that it only avails Facebook inventory -based on the marketing formats that only apply to Facebook. 

Display advertising on Facebook, is it profitable?

Advertising your products on Facebook can yield a reasonable ROI. When the right ads are presented to the right people, positive results are achieved instantly. This is the case since Facebook can target extremely specific potential leads. Facebook is designed as a social network. And as a result, it’s able to correct valuable information to its users.

Think about your Facebook profile. It has your interests, family, friends, location, occupation, date of birth, marital status. It typically says everything about you. 

This enables Facebook to provide multiple targeting options, which differentiates it from other DSPs platforms.

Simple ads – native appearance

The Facebook ad format formats selections are pretty straightforward. You can present your advert in the sidebar, news feeds of your potential customers or both.

Facebook ads are a form of programmatic advertising. It’s worthwhile to note that advertisements in FB, specifically the ones in news feeds are a form of native advertising. The adverts appear together with the likes, shares and organic posts from your colleagues, family and friends. Their ‘in-content’ features are spot on. 

The other thing that makes Facebook stands out in advertising is that as a social media platform, it aims at creating the most effective mobile advertising campaigns. They also purpose on showing ads that are non-intrusive but at the same time, have the potential to bring results.

How much time does an average person spend on Facebook vs other platforms?

Research shows that a person spends only 22 minutes of their time on Facebook, out of the average 118 minutes they’re online. However, there is a chance that the fraction is bigger than that. This is given 81% of the time is spent on mobile gadgets and only 19% on desktop.

This means Facebook is the second most used search engine, after YouTube. But also, people access publishers more than Facebook.

Therefore, it’s right to conclude that although Facebook shouldn’t be used as the sole method of advertising, it shouldn’t be ignored either. 

Final words 

The marketing world is moving very fast, and only advertisers who are ready to adjust fast can survive the storm. 

Facebook ads can help generate revenue even for small businesses who are just trying to get their space in the spotlight.

With that said, take time to learn tips on how to do right. Or hire a specialist to avoid any disappointments.