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Knorex Earns Google Partner for Search Advertising Status

As a leading provider of Precision Performance Marketing technology and solution, Knorex has recently earned the status of Google Partner for Search Advertising. Upon receiving the Google Partner badge, Knorex is accredited to have passed the certification test and is up-to-date with the latest Google Search Advertising knowledge and expertise.

“We are thrilled to be a certified Google Partner for Search Advertising. Adding to our range of cross-channel capabilities including Display/Native, Social, Video, OTT/CTV, we are excited to be adding Search to our arsenal to provide to our customers a truly omnichannel approach to reach out to their audience,” said Abhishek Kumar, Knorex VP of Engineering.

The Partner status grants Knorex a range of benefits including access to Google beta programs, training events, and other tools that will contribute to serving Knorex’s clients even better performance results. Running campaigns through its in-house programmatic platform XPO, Knorex has always maintained high standards, working hand-in-hand with Google’s stringent standards of advertising best practices.


About Knorex

Established in 2010, Knorex is a technology company that provides Precision Performance Marketing products and solutions to the world’s leading media agencies and brands (travel and hospitality). With its proprietary demand-side online advertising platform (DSP) Knorex XPO™, Knorex enables businesses to deliver the right marketing message to the right audience at the right moment across devices (desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets) and advertising channels (social, search, video/OTT/CTV, display/native, email etc.) to drive measurable performance and highly personalized marketing experience in real-time. Knorex operates across the US, Asia, and Australia.