The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), the world’s leading program advocate and fighting against criminal activity and protect brand safety in digital advertising announced the launch of its TAG Brand Safety Certified Program on 10 September 2020, the ad industry’s largest and broadest global brand safety certification program with over 112 companies worldwide having been certified through the program.

Knorex, as part of the certified member of this inaugural group, is committed to continue its efforts in providing strong brand safety protection. In joining such industry initiatives, Knorex hopes to bring further awareness to customers and partners while raising the quality of delivery ultimately to advertisers and consumers. At the same time, Knorex has been also devoting significant resources in developing proprietary technologies coupled with industry partners to provide further protection in brand safety and anti ad-fraud efforts through innovative use of its KAIROS AI/ML engine.

Knorex Joins the Inaugural TAG Global Brand Safety Certification Program 1

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