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Knorex Partners Pixalate To Combat Ad Fraud in OTT and CTV

KNOREX, as a leading provider of Precision Performance Marketing cross-channel products and solutions, today announced a partnership with Pixalate, Inc., an omnichannel fraud intelligence company. Through this partnership, Pixalate deploys its proprietary pre-bid blocklists to be used in platform-wide protection against ad fraud in CTV (or Connected TV) and ad fraud in OTT (or Over-the-Top) across all devices.

While the online advertising market continues to grow steadily and strongly fueled by the uptick in adoption of programmatic advertising, fraudsters are concurrently seizing the opportunity. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the nascent adoption stage of the OTT/CTV programmatic advertising ecosystem to siphon off advertising budgets through nefarious means.

“Being a cross-channel online advertising platform provider, one of our focuses is to deliver performance and efficiency to our customers across different channels. Combating fraudulent traffic and activities directly affects our ability to provide high-quality traffic and assurance to our customers and partners,” said Abhishek Kumar, VP Engineering of Knorex. “Partnering with the best-in-class partners to give our customers the confidence and protection is paramount. We are pleased to deploy Pixalate’s solutions across different channels, including OTT/CTV, for our customers.”

Knorex leverages Pixalate’s proprietary fraud detection tools to eliminate fraudulent activity and ensure that Knorex’s services are not only performance-driven, but also safer for advertisers and agencies across channels and devices. Pixalate holds Media Rating Council, Inc. (MRC) accreditation for the detection and filtration of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) across desktop and mobile web, mobile in-app, and CTV/OTT advertising.

“Ad fraud is the central obstacle facing the digital advertising industry today, especially in newer formats such as OTT/CTV,” said Amin Bandeali, COO of Pixalate. “We’re proud to offer the frontline of protection and to work with partners that are dedicated to helping clients confidently capitalize on the OTT/CTV opportunity.”


About Knorex

Knorex is a technology company that provides Precision Performance Marketing products and solutions to leading brands and media agencies. With its cross-channel programmatic advertising platform, Knorex XPO enables businesses to deliver tailored marketing messages to specific audience at the right moment across devices and advertising channels, producing measurable performance while delivering personalized marketing experience in real-time. For more information, visit


About Pixalate

Pixalate is a cross-channel fraud intelligence company that works with brands and platforms to prevent invalid traffic and improve ad inventory quality. We offer the only system of coordinated solutions across display, app, video, and OTT/CTV for better detection and elimination of ad fraud. Pixalate is an MRC-accredited solution for the detection and prevention of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) across display, in-app, video, and OTT/CTV advertising.